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Altitude Helicopters

27 may 2017

Our CEO and Chief Pilot on a farewell for 'the blue one'. After 2 years and intensive 2200 hours of joyfull rides across the US skies, it's now time for our good friend to go for a vacation and special refreshing TLC, well deserved SPA treatment...see you soon 6SH #altitudehelicopters Marcello Heli Fulvio Capitanio Read more

23 may 2017

Helicopter Bay Tour is always great...and a close glimpse of the huge SD based Navy fleet is included! #altitudelicopters Read more

19 may 2017

Helicopter Skydiving...pure fun and adrenaline!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

18 may 2017

In Vegas for a quick stop...no gamble, keep flying #altitudehelicopters Read more

13 may 2017

Chasing our team in Laughlin Best in the Desert #altitudehelicopters Read more

10 may 2017

CEOs meeting in San Diego... Altitude Helicopters and Altitude Air Pvt. Ltd. Two companies, two halves of the same passion! #altitudehelicopters Read more

08 may 2017

Thanks Mr. LAFD Pilot for making some room for us to land... #altitudehelicopters Read more

06 may 2017

Another first solo celebration! Congratulation Eric Damraur, we are very proud of you! Thanks john and all AH team! #altitudehelicopters Read more

04 may 2017

Strolling...ehm...Training in L.A.....so let's direct to DownTown #altitudehelicopters Read more

01 may 2017

It's always cruise time in San Diego... #altitudehelicopters Read more

27 april 2017

A night flight over San Diego DownTown it's always special... #altitudehelicopters Read more

24 april 2017

Congrats to our President, CEO and all who believed in this project!! Go #altitudehelicopters View link Read more

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