A family business, founded in 1994 in Italy, has quickly become an international venture, expanding its activities and exploring areas of business and geographically different environments. From the Italian Dolomites to the southern beaches of Puglia, from the highest peaks of Nepal to the most remote areas of Africa, our team of extremely experienced helicopter pilots and technicians has been challenged to the highest possible level of perfection in order to perform missions at the very limit of feasibility.
The opening of a flight school in the U.S. is only the latest chapter of the story of our project, but possibly the most exciting so far. Training, carrying our experience and sharing our passion to future pilots is a tremendous responsibility and a great opportunity for us.

Altitude Helicopters


"The history of exploration, art, literature, and science as well as aviation is hardly ever made by those sitting in the front row, the ones with the highest grades or the perfectly-ironed uniforms, but rather by those who misbehave, by people with tough skin who get their hands dirty, the ones with a sweaty brow, the ones with instinct which, when added to all the rest, is the magic ingredient of talent”
Simone Moro - In ginocchio sulle ali (Rizzoli editore)

Internationally renowned mountaineer and Commercial pilot (H) FAA and EASA, instructor (H) AECI, Simone Moro, combines his passion for flying to the need to use helicopters in mountain rescue. While continuing to reach the highest heights in the world without oxygen and in extreme winter season conditions, Simone gave birth to his helicopter rescue program in Himalaya, Nepal.
Together with his brother Marcello, he brought the first European helicopter in Nepal creating a highly qualified team that also achieved the highest mountain long line rescue to date.


"A helicopter pilot is a person who is hungry to know, who constantly challenge himself, who applies his knowledge to probe the limits, a person who follows his passion and ride his enthusiasm...in other words a good heli pilot is a knowledgeable, reliable, strong, excited person who usually refuses to grow old"
Marcello Moro

Marcello is a Commercial pilot (H) FAA and EASA, instructor (H) EASA, instructor (H) AECI. He flew helicopters in Italy, Africa and in the Himalayan peaks in Nepal. Together with his brother Simone, he gave life to the dream of founding a completely innovative flight school in the United States. He put his twenty years experience as an international entrepreneur on this ambitious project that wants to train pilots that will be able to perform their duties in extreme conditions worldwide.